Lion Compression Long Sleeve

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Our Lion Compression Long Sleeves are high quality that brings great value at an affordable price!

Made with quality polyester that is breathable and comfortable.  Great for athletes that desire to enhance their performance.  Our compression long sleeve shirts easily absorbs sweat and dries fast.  Made with high elasticity to provide your body that winning fit that delivers championship caliber results.  Our performance compression long sleeve shirts bring to you extraordinary value for the price you pay and is definitely worth the wait!

Secret Benefits Of Compression

  1. Warmth And Flexibility:  Compression on muscles keeps them warm which is important to athletes performing at high levels.  When your muscles are warm, they are more flexible and have a wider range of motion.
  2. Unlock More Energy:  Medical studies have proven that compression increases the amount of oxygen found in the muscles.  This in return provides the extra fuel for athletes to perform at higher levels.
  3. Pain Relief:  When compression is applied to the muscles, pressure pushes the blood out of the muscles giving them a lighter feeling that also relieves discomfort.
  4. Quicker Recovery:  Compression forces the blood in the veins to move faster through the body accelerating the filtering out process of lactic acids and other wastes which produces a faster recovery process.
  5. Increase Body Awareness:  Fascinating studies have found that individuals that use compression are more in tune with their bodies.  The reason being is because when pressure is applied on the skin, they activate the sensory receptors that communicate with your brain and tell you exactly where your legs, arms, hands, and feet are and what they are doing.


Product Specifications:

  • Type: Sport Compression Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Collar: O-neck
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Polyester
  • Special Features: Quick Dry, Breathable, Sweat Absorption, High Elastic
  • Occasion: Gym, Basketball, Jogging, Hiking, Yoga, Crossfit, Outdoor Sports...etc
  • Fit: Snug (See Sizing Chart)
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Color: Black, Navy Blue, Gray, White, Red, Green, Purple
  • Package:  1-Piece Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Sizing Chart

Shipping Information:

Please allow 7-9 days to receive a tracking number while your order is processed, packaged and shipped from our facility.  Estimated shipping time is about 5-6 weeks.  The value is worth the wait.

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Lion Compression Long Sleeve
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